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I am offering a diverse range of events, courses and classes around Sound Bath, Crystal Healing, Meditation and Mindfulness. Browse my event schedule to see what is on and where.

If you are interested in anything particular which is not scheduled at the time or if you are looking for a private group, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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We use Eventbrite as our booking engine for all events we are organising.

NOTE: There are no planned new events.

Acupuncture and Sound Healing Treatment

A very special cooperation with Ray Ford where we bring acupuncture and sound healing together. Sessions are currently running Sunday afternoons twice monthly in Crows Nest. Additional sessions in Bondi Junction are in planning.

Sound Bath Meditations

Experience the ultimate relaxation and connect with your heart, practicing kindness and self-compassion. Let the vibrations of the singing bowls wash over your body and soul and enjoy the guided meditations. 

A Sound Bath is simply the ultimate deep relaxation. Within minutes your mind and body come to rest and relax. In this quiet state, you can easily and effortlessly let go of all tension, anxiety, and worries and experience a gentle feeling of peace and happiness.

Crystal Energy & Sound Healing Massage

A special treatment in which with the help of crystals, Reiki, and the healing sounds of Alchemy crystal singing bowls and Tibetan healing bowls, you will be taken into a deep state of relaxation and healing space of your inner world.


We hold events in smaller numbers at different locations around Sydney in Crows Nest, Bondi Junction and Castle Hill.

Live Streaming

Some events we also live-stream, so you have access online. Such events are clearly marked as “Online”. Access to the online sessions is also provided also via Eventbrite. You will receive information how to see the live-stream when you have registered.


We started to offer a select range of events on-demand using the Vimeo platform for a 30 day rent period.

We hope you will enjoy this new format.

Stay tuned we are re-organising this area, its temporary offline.

Past Events

Browse here for a listings of all our past events offered


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